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Monday 26 April 2010

Tax Amnesty

Great idea from the Lib Dems.

Apparently all my illegal workers are going to get to go legal, and get a tax amnesty.

On the amnesty for illegal immigrants, he struggled big time on whether British citizens would be given the same tax amnesty that illegal immigrants would be granted, by dint of not having oaid tax during their 10 years in the country. He admitted they hadn't thought about it! Bearing in mind that Hughes largely wrote the LibDem immigration policy, he was surprisingly woolly. Bear in mind that the LibDems have said they would bring in another £4 billionby getting tough on tax evasion! You couldn't make it up.

HUGHES: I think that British citizens would be entitled to say that they should be treated evenly. People that have been here all the time.

Nolan: Would the Lib Dems give that guarantee?

HUGHES: It is not in our manifesto but you raise a good point and I think what you would have to do in that case is once people were legitimated and regulated, then if they had been working; part of the process should be working out what they should contribute. So I think that's a perfectly reasonable proposition.

Blaggers should be interested in this. Tax amnesty for illegals, means a tax amnesty for all. For once, the human rights act would work in our favour.

Nice work Simon.

Lord Blagger

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