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Tuesday 13 April 2010

Porker of the Day - David Cameron

David Cameron

Cameron pays back almost �1,000 in wrongly claimed expenses | News: "David Cameron today paid back �947 in excessive expenses claims as the row over Commons allowances reignited.

The Conservative leader sent a cheque to the Commons to cover over claims including �218.91 in mortgage payments.

He admitted that he inadvertently failed to reduce his claim for taxpayer support even he moved off a fixed interest loan to lower variable rates.

Other blunders included �10 charged in error for a researcher's phone bill and �9 overpaid for a home power bill.

The cheque also included �680 that he promised to repay last month for removing wisteria and other works to his house."

Wisteria? Who the fuck claims for wisteria? What a dummy putting in a bill for that.

Lord Blagger

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