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Sunday 4 April 2010

Disgraced and retiring MPs get �153m in payoffs - Times Online

Disgraced and retiring MPs get 153m in payoffs - Times Online

"DISGRACED and retiring MPs are to net 153m in payoffs and pensions as they step down at the general election.

Andrew MacKay, the Conservative MP for Bracknell who became notorious in the expenses scandal, will collect the largest package, worth a total of more than 1.8m.

On average, the 148 MPs who have announced that they will quit the Commons are in line to collect more than 1m each, according to an analysis for The Sunday Times.

Details of the pensions and payoffs follow reports this weekend that a further 20 Labour MPs are to step down within the next few days."

Off the gravy train. That means when it comes to Lord Blagger hiring new lobbyists, he's going to have the pick of the crop. Then for the other's its just a case of drip drip drip to the press with more of the dirt, and their effectiveness drops away.

My advice to those wanting to blag some more, sign up with Lord Blagger. You know its in your own self interest.

Lord Blagger

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