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Sunday 25 April 2010

Lord Oxburgh

There is a danger being roped into running a cover up. A fellow lord has got himself into trouble.

When the University of East Anglia decided to investigate itself, they could have chosen from a wide variety of scientific or legal figures. They decided on Lord Oxburgh, despite questions about his independence. As chairman of a windfarm manufacturer, could he really impartially decide on fundamental questions of the probity of climate science?

Would Lord Oxburgh have been appointed to his position as head of the panel investigating Climategate if it had been known that his employer was a subsidiary controlled by an Italian company enmeshed in scandals involving Sicilian waste? Let me hasten to add that I am not making any accusations of either Lord Oxburgh or Falck Renewables, the company he chairs. But was he really the best choice for this inquiry?


The lesson to learn from this part, is that as a blagger, you want to keep it Lord Oxburgh has set himself up. Advice against this is a standard part of Lord Blagger's advice. Cheap at 10,000 pounds a day. It's just twice the sum a taxi driver makes in a day.

The second interesting part from the article is this

Lord Oxburgh is chairman of Falck Renewables, a builder of windfarms with six projects in operation or under construction in the UK alone. Falck Renewables is a subsidiary of Falck Group, a Milan based company that has built windfarms in Calabria and Sicily that have been part of an anti-Mafia investigation. Some of the windfarms, including one near Corleone, were completed quite some time ago, but haven't been connected to the grid. However, generous EU subsidies were forthcoming nonetheless.

A nice blag. Subsidy for building them, plus you can get a European price for the turbines, but get them built in China. It's the assembly that makes them European!

Then there is the EU subsidy blag. Get the subsidy for doing nothing. Just like the farmers. What's so good about the EU blag is that no country prosecutes, because its EU money not theirs any more. The EU won't prosecute because its like cutting off your nose to spite yourself. You don't want the public asking questions or the gravy train will end.

Italian and EU subsidies for the building of wind farms and the world’s highest guaranteed rates, €180 ($240, £160) per kwh, for the electricity they produce have turned southern Italy into a highly attractive market exploited by organised crime.

The UK price cab be around 6.5p a kwh.

That's why its such a great blag. You could even drive the turbines from the power supply to give the illusion of working. Then feed the power from the grid back to the grid

What's even better is that the mugs who pay the price, the public, are being forced by the greens to give Lord Blagger the cash!

Lord Blagger

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