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Thursday 13 May 2010

The great get away - Crossrail

Still to go ahead. Yipee!

Think about it. It's just like the Olympics.

Put in the 16 billion quote. Now when any change comes in we escalate the cost. The Olympics have gone from 2.5 billion to over 12 billion. Think how the 16 billion will escalate. Get your noses in the trough.

Lord Blagger will also benefit when it goes to his country pad. After all, a quick get away from the Lords on a Friday after signing in and getting the expenses is what one has to do.

Then look at the costs. 16 billion is going to cost 3 million a day. With a maximum of 200K passengers a day, its 15 quid plus running costs for a ticket. The plebs who use it won't pay it, so it means cuts elsewhere. Lord Blagger will expense the ticket anyway so he's immune.

Pity those who don't use Crossrail. They will get the cuts in services, the tax rises, the ticket hikes, and the delapidated trains and stations to pay for Lord Blaggers getaway.

If they do hike the prices, all it means is more space, and a better class of passenger.

Mugs, all of them

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