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Sunday 23 May 2010

Duchess of Pork

This shows the problem. As soon as the non professionals get involved in a bit of corruption it goes wrong. MPs, most Lords are basically amateurs trying to do a proffesional job. All it takes is someone to dress up as a sheik, a tart or a rent boy and get it filmed, and they soon make a right royal mess all over the carpet.

You would have thought they had learned their lesson from the taxi drivers for rent, funny sheiks, dolly birds, ... but oh no, the lure of filth lucre now that the government tap is being turned off is too much

That and having to put up with the proposed Lord of the Pies, Mr Leg over himself, is seriously downgrading the House of Lords as a club. Mind you, we could aways get him to put his waiters outfit on and start serving some drinks

Lord Blagger

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