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Friday 26 March 2010


I read in today's Guardian that Jack Straw's latest plans for a reformed and wholly-elected second chamber have been "derailed" by no less a track saboteur than Peter Mandelson. Oh good. That will teach them to rush into complex matters for short-term electoral gain.

A nice job Peter. Nice to see a fellow blagger has realised where his bread is buttered. Far easier to make the cash in Lords than on dodgy mortgage deals.

Perhaps not as good as the Brussel's gravy train. He did well there. All that time on a ministerial salary, and a very expensive pad in London as a result. All those holidays on Russian oligarch's boats too.

And the public pays for it too!. Mind you, its the end of the month. Now with the new rules about one day in the main home means I've got to go to the country pad. I must remember to keep the receipts for the transport first class, just to prove I've been there (or there abouts).

Lord Blagger

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