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Saturday 27 March 2010

Climate Gate

Here is an example of another bit what will turn out to be a bit of sucessful consultantcy for Lord Blagger.

There has been a curious by-product of the attempts being made by the University of East Anglia to whitewash last November's embarrassing leak of documents from its Climatic Research Unit. Since it set up not one but two supposedly "independent" inquiries into the "Climategate" affair, climate sceptics were intrigued but not entirely surprised to find that almost all their members were committed, even fanatical advocates of global warming, and hence unlikely to be over-critical of the CRU's bizarre record.

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It's very simple. We can't afford to let the gravy train stop. Climate change is one of the biggest gravy trains going. Hence the most import part of any investigation. Only hold an inquiry when you know what the answer will be in advance. The best way of getting the correct answer is to stuff the committee with safe hands.

In this case, stuff it with people who are also on the blag.

This will keep Lord Blagger's investments ticking over nicely. There is nothing better than to have the government force everyone to pay a huge premium for Green energy. The other great little scam is carbon trading. Get given permits for free, shut the industry down (because its not green) and sell the permits a great profit. Lord Blagger's acquisition and merger's department has never had it so good.

Lord Blagger

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