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Monday 29 March 2010

Bank Regulation

One of my current research ideas for blagging some more cash in banking regulation.

Now we've just had a major banking crisis. Now if a bank goes bust, we can blame the bankers. However if most of the banks go bust, the common factor is the regulator.

However in the world of blaggers, the solution to this mess is more regulation. Absolutely brilliant blagging. Fail as a regulator, and the solution is more regulation.

It's Sarbanes-Oxely. This was introduced as a consequence of the failure of Enron and WorldCom, and Authur Anderson's accountancy practices. The result, was more auditing for a failure in auditing.

Hence the idea for getting involved in regulation. A Failure of regulation needs more regulation. More regulation means more cash.

It's almost as good as the situation before the banking regulation. Lots of cash as a regulator for no regulation.

No surprise that the current regulator is a Lord.

Lord Blagger

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