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Saturday 26 June 2010

Dick Francis's betting method lands gambler �165,000 win - Telegraph

Dick Francis's betting method lands gambler �165,000 win - Telegraph: "For a businessman and racehorse owner has beaten the bookmakers by using a method outlined in the master storyteller's last novel.

Douglas Taylor scooped almost �165,000 by splitting up a mammoth �33,000 bet to keep the odds on his runner as high as possible.

He recruited 200 foreign betting 'couriers' who were each given detailed written instructions to place �165 (euro 200) on his horse D Four Dave in a 7pm race on Monday evening.

They were ordered to place their bets in bookmakers at exactly 6.55pm, giving the turf accountants little inkling that such a large bet was being placed on one horse, and no time to react."

Nice little scam utilizing flaws in the system

Lord Blagger reccommends the same for postal voting. Get the applications in near the deadline so the councils can't check.

Lord Blagger

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