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Sunday 10 October 2010

Rochdale, revisited | The Spectator

Rochdale, revisited | The Spectator: "The answer is what I call the British Economic Dysfunction: that our growing economy sucks in people from overseas, rather than reducing dole queues. Unreformed welfare pays people not to work: and I blame the system, not those who follow its perverse incentives. Nor do I blame hardworking immigrants for filling these vacancies."

Pretty much spot on. Pulling in immigrants that pay less tax than the government spends, 11,000 pounds a year, is economic madness. If you pull in low paid immigrants, it just means that those on welfare stay on welfare.

That welfare adds up. 13K a year tax free in lots of cases, for what, 20, 30, 40 years rising with inflation? Half a million isn't unreasonable an estimate. That's a good sized lottery win.

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  1. What is more those immigrants arrive here on the same planes as bring, for example, amazing roses from Kenya or pineapples from Ghana. It is the only way carrying the cargo can be profitable, bringing the human cargo too.

    In time honoured fashion they are coming where the money comes from, the capital, except the capitals are now becoming mega-metropolises on account of it.

    To avoid discontent, local Brits are allowed to live on dole payments as a form of compensation, for what amounts to loss of "space".


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